Landshark: Slippage
Landshark: Slippage
Artist Landshark
Album Slippage
Label Coco Machete Records
Released 2/24/2005
Purchase n. movement away from an original or secure place. Running parallel to everything the label stands for as well as defining this new single from Lance "LandShark" DeSardi, "Slippage" comes at a time when the world itself seems to be moving away from a long lost security, welcome to 2005. Versions 1.0 & 2.0 serve as a metaphor of adventure into the murky depths of the human condition shaped only by the knowledge of impermanence. Only the LandShark is able to traverse deep enough waters to bring ordinary land lovers the gifts from below. Both sides of this release chart a slightly different course for our sonic electro fueled submarine with the b-side taking a slight detour in Detroit to pick up some flavorful tasty morsels of a keyboard vamp. Turn your lights down low as "time slips away" because "before you know it, nothing's left." "Tomorrow's just another day.