Ida: Heart Like A River
Ida: Heart Like A River
Artist Ida
Album Heart Like A River
Label Polyvinyl Records
Released 2/22/2005
When Tiger Style went on hiatus in February 2004, Ida again found themselves without a label, after having completed a new record. After talking with the folks at Polyvinyl Records, Ida knew they had found the perfect label to help them to exist, and to put out their new record, Heart Like a River. This record marks a period of renewed creativity for the band including collaborations with longtime Ida co-conspirators Cecilia Littleton and original bassist Rick Lassiter as well as violinist Jean Cook (Jon Langford, The Beauty Pill) and cellist Dominique Davison (Threnody Ensemble). Heart Like a River also marks the first time the band has collaborated with producer/engineer Warren Defever on an album from start to finish. After a long touring hiatus, Ida will again return to the road this winter, with Jean Cook on violin and new drummer Ruth Keating (K, The Malarkies). Heart Like a River will be released February 22, 2005.