Hot Hot Heat: Make Up the Breakdown
Hot Hot Heat: Make Up the Breakdown
Artist Hot Hot Heat
Album Make Up the Breakdown
Label Sub Pop Records
Released 10/8/2002
Make up the Breakdown, shows a seemingly effortless ability to craft melody, the kind that doesn’t merely get stuck in your head, but that moves in, puts down roots, starts a family. Paul and Dustin tenaciously lock into a groove with Dante's guitar playing bringing to mind a young Johnny Marr, and lyrics and keyboard lines tumbling urgently from Steve. Make up the Breakdown replicates the breathless excitement of the band’s live show; 10 tracks of complex, rhythmic art-punk. Most of these songs have to do with sex and/or the frustrations of life in “this town.” And, really, what’s more important? More than New Wave revivalists with an innate talent for catchy songs, Hot Hot Heat blend angular post-punk twitch with danceable pop, (finally) making a good case for white dopes on punk to get on the good foot.