Feller Quentin: I Am Not A Monster
Feller Quentin: I Am Not A Monster
Artist Feller Quentin
Album I Am Not A Monster
Label Echelon Productions
Released 3/29/2005
Feller Quentin's 2nd full length(following the self-released Cat in a Tree With a Mouse In Its Teeth) and his first for Echelon Productions, sees a much more solid set of songs and an expanded innovation from the previous effort. The clever tales float around a cast of characters that include insects and animals, baseball legends and nuns with their forbidden brides.

Once again, Feller Quentin, plays one man band here as he juggles duties on guitar, mandolin, banjo, cello, drums, beats, and of course vocals. The songs range from the Lee Hazelwood-esque slow-burners to the more uptempo rompers. Fans of Little Wings, Moldy Peaches, and Beck will certainly find something they quite enjoy.

A unique voice for any genre, Quentin's folk tales are an old-timey quilt wrapped around you and your friends whilst sitting around a campfire, listening to your ipod playlist as broadcast through the FM transmitter plugged into your '84 Volvo station wagon.