Drive By Truckers: The Dirty South
Drive By Truckers: The Dirty South
Artist Drive By Truckers
Album The Dirty South
Label New West Records
Released 8/24/2004
Drive-By Truckers began recording The Dirty South last summer, shortly before the release of Decoration Day, at producer David Barbe's Chase Park Transduction Studio in Athens GA. Sessions there continued in between tour dates through the end of the year. This January, to finish the job, the band trekked to their hometown of Muscle Shoals, Alabama to record for the first time ever at FAME Recording Studio where many of the greatest soul and R&B records of all-time were made. On August 24th, New West Records releases the sixth album from Drive-By Truckers -The Dirty South. If Decoration Day was about the choices people make and living with the results and ramifications, the songs on The Dirty South are about people who now believe they have no choice and how this leads some of them to turn to a life of crime to provide for their families.