Black Market Militia: The Black Market Militia
Black Market Militia: The Black Market Militia
Artist Black Market Militia
Album The Black Market Militia
Label Nature Sounds
Released 3/22/2005
Features from Timbo King (Royal Fam, Wu-Tang Affiliate) and Hell Razah (Sunz of Man, Wu-Tang Affiliate) help to round out the lineup on this remarkable album. Both have been featured on many gold & platinum Wu-Tang Clan projects, as well their own individual work. Their street savvy lyrics and no holds barred delivery prove to be the cohesive glue in creating this new millenium masterpiece.

Consistent with their previous work, Black Market Militia delivers a loud, powerful and coherent group effort focused on social, political and spiritual issues. Educating their listeners, with a sense of urgency, about current affairs of the world we live in. With bangin' beats and seamless lyrical synergy, Black Market has given birth to the dawn of a new era in hip hop.