Hezekiah: Hurry Up and Wait
Hezekiah: Hurry Up and Wait
Artist Hezekiah
Album Hurry Up and Wait
Label Soul Spazm
Released 3/29/2005
Head-nod with finesse—or is that rock with finesse? Philadelphia-based artist, Hezekiah intends on redefining the boundaries of hip-hop with his debut long player, Hurry Up and Wait on Soulspazm Records. Scheduled for release in the beginning of 2005, Hurry up and Wait is a multi-layered soundscape of rich yet breathable melodies, powerful wordplay and punctuating percussion. While the album will have its fair share of notable guests (including Bahamadia, Grand Agent, Santi White (Stiffed), and Scratch (Legendary Roots Crew) the bulk of the album is intended to give its author's namesake the long overdue shine Hezekiah has been after for some time.