TRS-80: Shake Hands With Danger
TRS-80: Shake Hands With Danger
Artist TRS-80
Album Shake Hands With Danger
Label None
Released 9/30/2003
Shake Hands With Danger finds TRS-80 light years ahead of their already futuristic repertoire. They have orchestrated an unprecedented number of ideas and directions on Shake Hands With Danger, into a unique hybrid of analogue v. digital mastery. Dizzying breakbeat intricacies make way for blissful downtempo textures. Then, Neptunes-inspired ghetto grooves disintegrate back into spastic cut-up beats. The track ‘Motoki’ even falls oddly into character despite its featuring carved up metal riffs performed in-studio with a B.C. Rich ‘Warlock’ guitar through a 4-inch by 4-inch Marshall pocket amp.