Narrator, The: Youth City Fire
Narrator, The: Youth City Fire
Artist Narrator, The
Album Youth City Fire
Label Flameshovel Records
Released 1/13/2004
Recorded by Greg Norman (Guided By Voices, Detachment Kit, 90 Day Men) in 40 hours over three days, Youth City Fire draws its passion from patient introductions, bloody choruses, and do-or-die lyrics for "when your legs just won’t work.” On first listen, the vocals sound distant. On second, they reveal subtleties, and by the tenth listen, the tunes reveal watery stomachs held together by gum, shoestring, and staples. From the abrupt pauses on "We Call Police" to the machine-gun outbursts on "The Electric Slide," the keyboard hums to the human sneeze, and the double-vocal chatter to the nakedly told stories about teenagers spurned by dissapointment, Youth City Fire hints toward an anthemic resolve. But The Narrator remain unresolved, and that tension drives the recording. Absent is the sound of a band with years of tour-van experience, but in time they should emerge as peers to the heroes in their record collections. That said, look around, at the ground stood on, the friends walked on, the past reflected upon, and the importance of telling lady luck to fuck herself.