Lou Barlow: Emoh
Lou Barlow: Emoh
Artist Lou Barlow
Album Emoh
Label Merge Records
Released 1/10/2005
Recorded in studios as far flung as Nashville, Massachusetts and Los Angeles, Emoh captures the essence of a talent that has made Lou Barlow one of the most respected and influential songwriters of his generation. There are not a lot of bells and whistles here, no extended guitar solos, no studio trickery or production gloss—which is not to say that production is anything less than extraordinary. The songs are distilled to their essence, acoustic guitar with subtle flourishes—cellos here, pianos there, tape loops and sparse percussion—all meticulously crafted, capturing the listener’s attention without distracting from the most important thing...the songs themselves. And these songs are signature Barlow— full of emotion, angst, hope, intelligence and a wry sense of humor. For good measure Lou throws in his own interpretation of a classic hair metal anthem of the 80’s, which is priceless to say the least.