Need New Body: UFO
Need New Body: UFO
Artist Need New Body
Album UFO
Label None
Released 9/23/2003
Need New Body has captured musicianship meets unpredictability. Recording again at Truckstop Studios in Chicago, with their creative partner Blue Hawaii of Bablicon, UFO continues in the spirit of its predecessor, while also departing and expanding in comparison. More focused and structured, UFO may be more approachable to those expecting song structures. A songwriting sensibility has entered into the madness, and the result is one unforgettable song after the other. Conversely, the new album is far more experimental, playful, and exploratory. Its use of more instruments and a more diverse influence of genre swerves madly from track to track while somehow staying well within character. UFO is available on CD and LP. Each format is designed differently and beautifully with help from a family of artists and designers. Need New Body has created an album that is truly unique and special, something difficult to attain in this day and age.