Boom Bip: Blue Eyed In The Red Room
Boom Bip: Blue Eyed In The Red Room
Artist Boom Bip
Album Blue Eyed In The Red Room
Label Lex Records
Released 2/15/2005
BRYAN HOLLON has finsished his second solo Boom Bip studio album. It's called Blue Eyed In The Red Room and will be released on Lex in February 2005. The album has ten brand new songs. Eight of those are instrumental/voiceless tracks and two are collaborations with singers Gruff Rhys (from The Super Furry Animals) and Nina Nastasia (Touch & Go Records).

The album builds on the sound of Seed To Sun and the new tracks and Peel session songs on Corymb. Boom Bip was recently asked what this approach to music making was all about. Here's the answer : “I wanted the listener to get a sense of what is going on inside my head and my environment as much as possible. Samples are a detour from that connection. Samples express what you like, but it’s someone else’s idea and product. To really connect with the listener it was essential that I play everything. While making the record I had the live show in mind the entire time. The new songs are 98% live instrumentation and have energy, structure, chord changes and dynamics. Not loop-based or beat-based like tracks in the past.”