Die Monitr Batss: Girls of War
Die Monitr Batss: Girls of War
Artist Die Monitr Batss
Album Girls of War
Label Troubleman Unlimited
Released 11/23/2004
Die Monitr Batss TMU debut is a true classic in the making. Born out of Portland, Oregon and featuring members of the Gossip and Sleetmute Nightmute- DMB bring to mind late 70's NYC. Picture a slightly modern version of Teenage Jesus and the Jerks...Drop them on a show with them in 1978 and you would never know the difference! They contain absolutely no dance-punk but instead pack a mean punch with a combination of angular guitars and warped sax....The sound is definitely more mature than their debut release, adding a pop edge evident in the slightly melodic vocals. They seem to have found their sound finally and are totally blowing away crowds all over the USA.