A Guy Called Gerald: To All things What They need
A Guy Called Gerald: To All things What They need
Artist A Guy Called Gerald
Album To All things What They need
Label !K7
Released 2/15/2005
A Guy Called Gerald's recent move to Berlin coincided with the city's music scene explosion in ingenuity. On his new album which he recorded in Berlin at home he steps further - into freestyle. if there's a dominant sound here, it's atmospheres. The opening track is a stunner which he leaves beatless. or "Tajeen" where he compbines tabla percussion elements with electronic beats and acid sounds. Listen to "Stragest Changes" feat. Finle Quaye where he returns to his urban drum and bass roots. All tracks are soaked with deep sounds and textures. aspirituality shines through that reflect in Gerald's rich experiences as an artist, producer and sonic traveler as wll as his extraordinary far sighted understanding of musical cohesions. Open your ears to a true sonic pioneer.