Sagan: Unseen Forces
Sagan: Unseen Forces
Artist Sagan
Album Unseen Forces
Label Vague Five
Released 9/25/2004
The album, titled Unseen Forces: Audio, commences on a suitably cosmic scale with bombastic space-prog complete with triumphant analogue melodies recalling the birth of distant galaxies, or early 70s Vangelis records about the birth of distant galaxies. Magnifying the lost-in-a-private-world-of-their-own tendencies which have marked both Lesser and Blectum from Blechdom releases in the past but considerably more ambitious in scope, Unseen Forces contains multitudes: cranky computers, chirpy helium speed loops, big lumbering rock drums, spiky metal guitar leads, crumbling towers of gabber stomp, pastoral piano meanderings, field recordings from bird hospitals, abrupt tempo collapses, and shivering synthesizers. It's a heady, epic trip that is likely to please the sky people and stupefy the earth people. In pre-album release focus group sessions, listeners mentioned Hawkwind, and complained of organs dissolving, being transformed into glass, and wormhole-induced nausea.