Nanang Tatang: Muki
Nanang Tatang: Muki
Artist Nanang Tatang
Album Muki
Label Tiger Style Records
Released 9/9/2003
Those familiar with Littleton and Mitchell’s work in Ida will recognize the introspective songwriting, close vocal harmony, dissonant harmonic structures, spare arrangements, slow tempos and long held tones that have characterized previous releases. Yet this is not an Ida record…from both a production and a songwriting perspective, the template is new. Primitive drum programming and bossa nova inflected guitar meet electronic waves of harmony and ambient sonics. Harmonium drones blend in with sounds from the woods in upstate New York. The joyful crash of their child tossing tambourines around a NYC apartment blends with solemn tones from a solo performance that Littleton recorded at a temple in Japan. At times peaceful and meditative, at other times unsettling in its emotional directness, “Muki” is the work of two musicians who have not tired of pushing themselves into new songwriting and sonic terrain. This testament to the daily struggles one must engage to see, to say and to build intimacy runs counter to the victory culture of America circa 2003. Still, it is exactly this recipe of curious contemplation and aspiration, which draws a blueprint for transformation and change.