Dorkestra, The: Merry Tales And Fractured Melodies
Dorkestra, The: Merry Tales And Fractured Melodies
Artist Dorkestra, The
Album Merry Tales And Fractured Melodies
Label Cocosolidciti
Released 1/11/2003
And so it came to be that The Dorkestra released their first album; where the many splintered personalities of Ninja Tune drone, Dj Luv, convened in the recording studio to lay down this beatsophrenic masterpiece. The album title hints at the sample-based ethos of this prolific artist whose first release was a solid experimental downtempo album under the guise of Identification. Now he comes sidling up to the table with dirty thoughts, scabby legs, and a tickle trunk full of electro breaks and freak funk gems for another original outing. Snatching from soul, jazz, rock, spoken word, soundtracks, and anything else that will sit on vinyl long enough to press it. This album is a real hummer for anyone who loves space age bpms.
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