Half Cousin: The Function Room
Half Cousin: The Function Room
Artist Half Cousin
Album The Function Room
Label Gronland Records
Released 11/4/2004
The founding members of the band met at school in the Orkneys, Scotland where much of their subject matter comes from. Listening to their music its difficult not to conjure up your own images of the place, as the majority of the songs are inspired by life on the islands. For instance, the latest single ‘Country Cassette’ was inspired by Kevin’s Uncle who booked Country and Western bands for the Pubs and Clubs of Orkney. ‘I used to work at a petrol station with him and we'd drive to work on freezing cold, snowy winter mornings listening to his Country cassettes on his car stereo.’

The band has just released their debut album, “The Function Room”. In explaining the title Kevin hits upon the underlying theme of the Half Cousin ideal: ‘I like listening to musicians who challenge the functions of specific instruments, or try to make other objects into musical instruments... Those are the kind of people I’d like to have in the Function Room, with my ear to the door’. With “The Function Room” the Half Cousin family looks set to grow and grow. 'Come across them along some byway at Glastonbury you might even care to join in' (The Times).