Dead Low Tide: Dead Low Tide
Dead Low Tide: Dead Low Tide
Artist Dead Low Tide
Album Dead Low Tide
Label Tiger Style Records
Released 10/7/2003
The first five sonic creations of Dead Low Tide found their way to boomboxes and turntables through the release of a collection of demos , "This Eagle Is Landing." The fans wanted more and Dead Low Tide was prepared to give it to them. With a full-length in plan, the path was set. However, with less than 50 shows in- including a jaunt with the Melvins in their 2002 tour- and days away from recording, sickness and distance prevaled. Dead Low Tide disbanded. After nearly a year, the band finally decided to complete their much awaited album. At long last, Tiger Style Records brings to the public a glimpse into choleric buzz, thorny rythms and defiant vocals that are, or were Dead Low Tide. The self-titled abum serves as a time capsule of sorts; a lost moment found and captured, in it's glory and pain.