Vanishing, The: Still Lifes Are Failing
Vanishing, The: Still Lifes Are Failing
Artist Vanishing, The
Album Still Lifes Are Failing
Label Gold Standard Laboratories
Released 10/26/2004
San Francsico trio VANISHING are back with their 2nd album, the follow-up to 2003's epic Songs for Psychotic Children. Recorded off-the-beaten-path at Moss Beach's Tsunami Studio, Still Lifes Are Failing finds the group getting beyond the "standard" retro-inspired sound of their debut album, exploring darker and far more dynamic territory. Singer and former SUBTONIX saxist Jesse EVA has essentially abandoned the bass guitar in favor of her old horn and the results are downright spine-tingling. The San Francisco Bay Guardian, in describing the band's exhilerating synth-driven sound and visual stage shows, insist that VANISHING "can't be written off as just goths", and that much is pretty undeniable. Often compared to groups such as SISTERS OF MERCY,TUXEDO MOON, and THE BIRTHDAY PARTY (but with a decidely more dance/electronic feel), VANISHING have developed a unique and recognizable sound and image within the confines of contemporary "post-punk" and alt-dance music. Unlike most of their contemporaries, however, they inject an unmistakeable degree of sexual politics and actual thought into what they are doing - and saying. VANISHING are a punk band in spirit and increasingly difficult to categorize in terms of sound. A European tour in early 2004 and three-week residency in Berlin's avant-garde hotbed, Kreutzberg, evidently had the desired results: the band have decided to relocate to Berlin in September 2004! Still Lifes Are Failing will be issued on CD and limited edition, deluxe gatefold vinyl..