UTD: Manifest Destiny
UTD: Manifest Destiny
Artist UTD
Album Manifest Destiny
Label Studio Distribution
Released 10/26/2004
In 1994, Mos Def along with his younger brother DCQ and his younger sister Ces, formed the group Urban Thermo Dynamics. UTD first graced the scene with the underground classic track "My Kung Fu". They soon thereafter followed up with the now classic "Manifest Destiny" single, which gave them notoriety among the wider hip-hop masses. Though the group was signed to Payday Records (former home of The Group Home and WC and the Mad Circle), the group's album was never released due to label politics. Soon after the group was released from Payday, Mos Def and DCQ formed Medina Green and released the Rawkus Records underground mega-hit "Crosstown Beef" (which scanned over 33,000 copies). Later, Mos Def recorded with Talib Kweli as Black Star, which took his underground notoriety to soaring highs. Mos Def hit gold with his debut solo album, Black on Both Sides, selling over 610,000 units to date. Now available for the first time ever is the UTD Manifest Destiny album via Illson Media. This hip-hop classic is filled with dark and melodic bass heavy production from Diamond D. and Showbiz. This album is a must have for all fans of early 90's Hip-Hop.