Brian Eno: The Plateaux of Mirror - Original Masters
Brian Eno: The Plateaux of Mirror - Original Masters
Artist Brian Eno
Album The Plateaux of Mirror - Original Masters
Label Astralwerks
Released 10/7/2004
Four of Brian Eno's early, groundbreaking albums have been digitally remastered and reissued in special edition digipak packages as part of a series called "Original Masters." Very often when albums are remastered, the tapes are re-equalized, remixed, in other words altered from the way they were originally delivered by the artist. Not so with the albums in the "Original Masters" series.

Using Brian Eno's original analogue masters as the source, remastering engineer Simon Heyworth has employed Class A' Analogue Electronics combined with the most advanced Analogue to Digital conversion techniques available. Using an ATR analog mastering deck with Aria Reference Series class A discrete electronics, Simon Heyworth was able to coax a higher level of fidelity out of these recordings than ever before heard, while keeping the orignal mastering intact.