Empress: The Sounds They Made
Empress: The Sounds They Made
Artist Empress
Album The Sounds They Made
Label Pehr Label
Released 9/11/2003
Empress's brand of melodic minimalism has reached new heights of stillness on The Sounds They Made. It's beautiful and soft and snowy. And sad. If you are a fan of morr music you'll like this, as Nicola and Chris incorporate some glitch into their loops of acoustic guitar and subtle keys. Nicola's voice is fragile and heartbreaking. Their shows with The Pastels and Low have won Empress many converts.

Empress is the music of Nicola Hodgkinson and Christopher Coyle. This is their third album, after an album and ep on Pehr/555, and an album on the Geographic [Domino] label. This album was recorded over a yearful of weekends, by one of the two members taking a train to the other's house to record and compose together. Nicola lives in northern England, and Chris lives in Wales. Nicola sings in Hood, and has previously performed in Boyracer and The Remote Viewer. Chris has released music under the name Halkyn. Stewart Anderson is no longer in Empress.