Timonium: Until He Finds Us
Timonium: Until He Finds Us
Artist Timonium
Album Until He Finds Us
Label Pehr Label
Released 10/1/2004
Timonium are Tracy Uba, Adam Garcia, and Adam Hervey. They live in California and formed in 1994. They met in high school. This is Timonium's third album, produced by Gene Cornelius (Tom Waits, Trail of Dead). From the thrilling transcendence of "Filamented" to the hauntingly melancholic closer "The Past Within the Past", Until He Finds Us features a seamless blend of hypnotic soundscapes and breathless vocals, using the natural reverbs of the giant wooden halls they recorded within. Reviews have referenced everyone from Mogwai, Low, Slowdive and Yo La Tengo to Galaxie 500, Bedhead, Cowboy Junkies and Velvet Underground. They have played shows with Low, American Analog Set, Black Heart Procession, Broadcast, Do Make Say Think, The Shins, Trembling Blue Stars, Codeine, and Versus. They tour the US multiple times a year.