American Analog Set: Promise of Love
American Analog Set: Promise of Love
Artist American Analog Set
Album Promise of Love
Label Tiger Style Records
Released 5/20/2003
Promise of Love is the fifth full length proper from the beloved American Analog Set, picking up right where their last and most successful album "Know By Heart" left off. Amanset's ability to craft a captivating, swirling, enigmatic and heartbreakingly beautiful song has not dissipated, despite the bi-coastal nature of the band. The 8 tracks captured on "Promise of Love" showcase the ability of Amanset to write a rock song, a sad song, a dance song, and a slow burner, juxtapose them all and come out with an album that is a flawless listen from front to back. Believe us, this is an album meant to be listened straight through. Sit back, open a Lone Star, and let the American Analog Set be the soundtrack to your life.