Wrens, The: The Wrens/The Five Mod Four (Split)
Wrens, The: The Wrens/The Five Mod Four (Split)
Artist Wrens, The
Album The Wrens/The Five Mod Four (Split)
Label Contraphonic
Released 6/29/2004
Split CD of eight songs from The Wrens and The Five Mod Four. The underground pop comeback kings, The Wrens, emerged from seclusion with this batch of songs. First released in the fall of 2002 on No Karma Recordings (nearly every copy of the record was subsequently lost in a fire at NK HQ), these tracks are available only on this CD. They're a must-have for anyone who loves the shimmering pop ecstasy of punch after punch of heartwrenching hooks. The next four songs come from Milwaukee's The Five Mod Four, a smirking, smart-aleck quartet bred on biting witticisms, loads of Elvis Costello and Talking Heads, early Chapel Hill punk, and discarded love notes. With a rather formidable rhythm section of bobbling, melodious bass and pert, precise percussion, coupled with the peppering of snaky guitar lines and expressive organ, the Five Mod Four will make pop preservationists everywhere take note.