K-Os: Joyful Rebellion
K-Os: Joyful Rebellion
Artist K-Os
Album Joyful Rebellion
Label Astralwerks
Released 9/21/2004
Produced and written by k-os, Joyful Rebellion draws heavily from and seamlessly fuses together the full range of musical experience; from rap to jazz, rock and pop, blues and reggae, and everything in between. Even with all of these flavors, Joyful Rebellion is stripped down and raw like his thoughts and raps. The acoustic guitars, tablas, classical strings and drum kicks all provide the right ingredients for this creative masterpiece.

Hip-hop's freshest voice delivers an innovative blend of reggae, funk, rock, jazz with a social and spiritual awareness absent in mainstream hip-hop. k-os comes to push the envelope of our culture - forward - and back to where it belongs....