Knifehandchop: How I Left You
Knifehandchop: How I Left You
Artist Knifehandchop
Album How I Left You
Label Tigerbeat6 Records
Released 9/22/2004
Breaking up is like being held at gunpoint, a dire moment with the threat of violence, a chance to move on or be destroyed. How I Left You, and album of Knifehandchop’s post break-up anthems take us on a sentimental journey of schizophrenic stomping electro hardcore and dancefloor death marches.

23 year old Billy Pollard, contextualizes post-traumatic mania by kicking out the pummeling beats, extremities of high and low with songs of isolation and loss as "Goin Back to Scarborough," "Girlfriend," and "We Used To Make Love" vs. bouncy, bumping raga dancehall vocal tracks, "Outside" and "Tizzy Tixbown." Knifehandchop also takes the time to give big ups to the hardcore DJs and mix tape cassettes of his teen years with the albums vividly destructive closer "hardcore 94."

How I Left You is without a doubt the first true Knifehandchop album. Billy wants to make it clear that this release isn’t a new compilation of dancefloor singles and plunderphonic booty anthems, but his first shot at a fully immersive "concept" album. Previous KHC releases on Irritant and Tigerbeat6, Rockstopper, Respect To All The Haters, Bling The Noize, Taking the Soul Out Of Music and TKO from Tokyo have always raised the bar, mixing, energizing and distorting disparate genres as gabber, pop, techno, booty, ragga and ghetto-tech. How I Left You is a work that reflects Knifehandchop’s newest sage of bipolar drama; a frenetic new form of sonic aggression that could only come from a shot to the heart.