Uprock Rhizome & Aphasia Group: Jungle Green Memes
Uprock Rhizome & Aphasia Group: Jungle Green Memes
Artist Uprock Rhizome & Aphasia Group
Album Jungle Green Memes
Label Tigerbeat6 Records
Released 9/21/2004
As far as music process and sources are concerned, be assured that this release will include a wealth of high quality digital information ripe for uploading via the bio-port of your choice. Highlights include: field recordings culled from peep show booths, a scanline synthesized glial cell migration, free jazz mash-ups, oodles of live instruments (digitized and reprocessed guitars, drums, horns, and percussion), pedals, patches, a contact mic’ed fixed gear bicycle, and an amplified potato. Imagine a celebrity "jam band" fronted by Peter Brotzmann and Eugene Chadbourne uniting ex-members of Matching Mole, Mission of Burma and Throbbing Gristle for one epic sun-kissed late 70’s performance. Except everything from minimal digital guitar workouts and sinewy found some collage, to hectic beat frenzies and dubby beat jumps. Like metal machine music with a touch of bling, Uprock comes crunchin’ the crunk. Let your fantasies roam unfettered and Uprock + The Aphasia Group will satisfy!