Electric Company: Creative Playthings
Electric Company: Creative Playthings
Artist Electric Company
Album Creative Playthings
Label Tigerbeat6 Records
Released 9/16/2004
In anticipation and celebration of his first-born son, Brad Laner/Electric Company's album of miniature epics and tiny giants mixes a mature acumen on the "rock band instruments" and an advanced level application of cutting edge digital preparations.

With several theme songs from TV shows yet to come, unabashed pop tunes made out of certain detective show themes of the past, a fair bit of singing, and far more trademark guitar fireworks than even the last Medicine album, Creative Playthings goes where no mere IDM record ever could: guaranteed authentic polyphony, actual harmonic discourse on every damn tune, and melody up the yin-yang. Plus, it comes with its own free internal organ, the Creative Playthings Appendix, a (not so) hidden bonus high-bitrate full length MP3 album containing several offshoots and tangents spewing forth from the host album, and a full live ambient room performance from 1998 featuring an extended take on ElCo's "Silver Egg" Kid606 remix, which has also recently been sampled by none other than Brian Eno for his next album.

Electric Company is Brad Laner, leader of infamous dream pop irritants Medicine. This is the tenth full length disc by Electric Company in as many years.

Previous releases are on TB6, Planet Mu, Mille Plateaux, Carpark, Island, American : this is his most song-oriented, listener-friendly Electric Company release to date.