Sainte Chapelle: Soon To Fail
Sainte Chapelle: Soon To Fail
Artist Sainte Chapelle
Album Soon To Fail
Label Cardboard Sangria
Released 9/1/2004
Last minute fleeting attempts at beauty. Sometime nightmare music. Sun-dazed from high expectations and the inevitable crash. Improvisations culled from being locked in a studio with no rules, only a list of ghosts and their moments to chase. Soon to Fail is staring into the sunset from the back seat, weather-beaten from knowing good intentions only win from within. This music is our sanctuary, a saint within the walls of a police blockade, like the church the group is named after.

Sainte Chapelle is Dan Schneider and Gary Pyskacek (both of Pedal Steel Transmission) fleshing out ideas and molding improvisations. The group formed in 2000 to release it's self titled EP for Cardboard Sangria Records, a collection of 5 improvised pieces recorded in a weekend following a mind-bending month-long trip to Europe, and the necessary withdrawal from life that followed. The new material was realized while preparing for shows with the likes of Dan Friel, Ty Braxton, the Zombies, Nina Nastasia, and others. Soon to Fail was recorded throughout 2003 at Blaise Barton Studios by longtime pedal steel transmission collaborator Brett Barton, and includes added violin by Joon Hee Park. The new material reflects the increasingly tighter and more focused mentality of the group, and more involved recording techniques than the first record. National radio support and touring will begin in October of 2004.