Joggers, The : Solid Guild
Joggers, The : Solid Guild
Artist Joggers, The
Album Solid Guild
Label Startime International Records
Released 9/9/2003
On their debut album, Solid Guild, the Joggers craft a sound that fits in perfectly with their fellow Star Time labelmates and alumni. Their sharply hooky guitars, moody-yet-bouncy melodies, and shouty, slightly nasal vocals recall both the French Kicks and, especially, the Walkmen. Most of the album finds the Joggers bouncing around to keep from falling apart, as on "Hot Autism" and "Every Other Word," but they start the album on an atmospheric note with "Loosen Up," which boasts surprisingly intricate guitars and sleigh bells; and the three-part harmonies on "Back to the Future" and "Neon Undercarriage" add a little romantic flair. A few slightly samey tracks keep Solid Guild from brilliance, but overall, it's a strong, entertaining first album.