Ill Ease: The Exorcist
Ill Ease: The Exorcist
Artist Ill Ease
Album The Exorcist
Label Too Pure
Released 8/10/2004
Ill Ease is the recording guise of Elizabeth Sharp. After her stint as drummer for 90's Indie scene mainstays (If you know who I'll give you a dollar*) Elizabeth, tired of bands, decided that she'd rather play all the instruments herself. She started composing songs in her Brooklyn apartment. It's easy to see that Elizabeth has put her passion into a program with her debut album for Too Pure, The Exorcist. Meeting at the intersection of intensely personal and universal, her songs flow out of the speakers and into your brain flipping your switches and leaving their mark. Her rules.

Elizabeth is also an accomplished photographer whose work has livened up many a gallery wall and made its way into the collection of New York's Museum of Modern Art.

Elizabeth has also rounded up some friends and together they are ready to say "so long stinktown!" and hit the road in search of other stinky towns across the country to play in.

*Payable in returnable beer bottles or stamps, your pick. The answer of course is New Radiant Storm King but by now you’ve read too much of the bio and are not eligible to win.