Dead Meadow: Shivering King & Others
Dead Meadow: Shivering King & Others
Artist Dead Meadow
Album Shivering King & Others
Label Matador Records
Released 6/3/2003
“Shivering King and Others” is the band’s third studio album, and its first for Matador. Dead Meadow, consisting of three young gentlemen from our nation’s capitol, is nothing but a complete unit, a fully realized force; three completely synched brains releasing a most unusual and original heavy power trio rock potion. We haven’t heard drums-bass-guitar get this focused, loud, or important this side of ‘Split’-era Groundhogs or Human Instinct’s ‘Stoned Guitar’, and if you can’t figure that one out, this is as high praise as you can get. It’s not “stoner” rock, it’s not “psychedelic” rock. It’s a totally natural sound, played by expert autodidact musicians. It’s honest. It’s completely real.