Radian: Juxtaposition
Radian: Juxtaposition
Artist Radian
Album Juxtaposition
Label Thrill Jockey Records
Released 7/19/2004
The recording and editing of electronics on Juxtaposition took place in Radian's Vienna studio. The band collected and created recordings of different sound sources - mostly instruments like drums, bass, guitar vibraphone, and marimbaphone. They then recorded these instruments in unusual ways, 'microrecording' the sound sources through synthesizer patches. After recording and processing, Radian carefully arranged these electronics to work within their performances on live instruments, such as drums (Martin Brandlmayr), bass (John Norman) and synthesizers (Stefan Nemeth). Radian brought their complete electronic arrangement to Chicago’s Soma studios where John McEntire recorded the drums and bass. These parts were added to the electronics according to Radian’s arrangements.

Juxtaposition is an aptly named album because the melodies and the motion are created not only by a simple melodic line, but by the placement of those lines within a contrasting framework. Its motion is derived from this juxtaposition not by standard beats. Brandlmayr’s drums and Norman’s bass create the flow because of their contrasts with Nemeth’s complex synthesizer work and its weave within a bed of microtones. The results are a record with infinite depth and flow. Headphones and high volume encouraged!
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