Rachel Goswell: Waves Are Universal
Rachel Goswell: Waves Are Universal
Artist Rachel Goswell
Album Waves Are Universal
Label 4AD
Released 6/22/2004
Recorded with co-writer Joe Light and producer David Naughton, Waves Are Universal is quite a radical departure for Rachel. The track "Plucked" best hints as to what is to follow - an album that has been recorded organically (so to speak), largely without the aid of electronic effects, allowing her to be heard away from the familiar delay and reverb of most her previous outings. What remains on record is pure atmosphere, which is unsurprising given David’s recording technique. On some tracks, Rachel’s vocals were played back in Chislehurst Caves and re-recorded to create a natural echo ("Warm Summer Sun," "Gather Me Up" and "Hope"). In addition to this, both real-life sounds caught by an ambient microphone ("No Substitute") and field recordings made during a holiday in Thailand ("Shoulder The Blame" and "Plucked") find their way on to add extra warmth and depth.