Creatures, The: HAI!
Creatures, The: HAI!
Artist Creatures, The
Album HAI!
Label Instinct Records
Released 10/21/2003
Siouxsie & Budgie return as The Creatures with their emphatically titled new album Hái! Translated, the title of this self-produced, Anglo-Japanese fusion means ‘Yes!’ and will be released by Instinct Records October 21, 2003. Twenty-four hours after Siouxsie & The Banshees’ “Seven Year Itch Tour” ended in Japan in August 2002 an impromptu drumming session between Budgie and Taiko drum master Leonard Eto would mark the beginnings of Hái! The spontaneous drumming frenzy in that one recording session would later become the backbone of the album. “I was enthralled as I watched the coming together of these two kindred spirits. Words and melodies came to me immediately but mindful of breaking the spell, I had to store my inspiration until we got back home to France.” – Siouxsie.