Legendary Pink Dots, The: The Whispering Wall
Legendary Pink Dots, The: The Whispering Wall
Artist Legendary Pink Dots, The
Album The Whispering Wall
Label ROIR
Released 5/11/2004
The Pink Dots know that the future, our man-made future is coming. And it is coming to get us. Whereas 2002's All The King’s Men relied heavily on lush weighty soundscapes, The Whispering Wall provides Ka-Spel's poetry more room to flourish. Prophetic lyrics and haunting vocals envelope the listener; each song a continuation of the on-going story the LPD tell -- either through whimsical songs about Humpty Dumpty’s travails or frightful anecdotes about a society increasingly dependent on technology yet perilously incapable of doing without it. Please take a listen -- it may be the most intriguing story you’ve heard in a very long time -- until next time.