Super Furry Animals: Phantom Power
Super Furry Animals: Phantom Power
Artist Super Furry Animals
Album Phantom Power
Label None
Released 7/22/2003
“Speakers and microphones work on phantom power, there’s no batteries and they’re not connected to the mains, and yet they work. Similarly, as a band our make up is the same as anybody else and yet we write songs and play music to people, and we have no idea why. It’s a mysterious power source. I like the idea of it, a phantom power that nobody understands. “’Phantom Power’ also sounds like a sinister power source that controls the world from beyond people’s comprehension. And a lot of the things that go on today seem completely illogical and I think we watch the world go by with disbelief.” Gruff Rhys is talking about the sixth Super Furry Animals’ album - ‘Phantom Power’ (seven if you include 1998’s ‘Outspaced’ rarities compilation). Never badged as an ‘issue’ band, nevertheless SFA have discussed contemporary themes throughout their life-time: global warming on ‘Northern Lites’ and ‘Alternate Route To Vulcan St’, communication overload (‘(Drawing) Rings Around The World’ and ‘Wherever I Lay My Phone (That’s My Home’) or the death of rural communities (‘Pan Ddaw’r Wawr’). And to a point ‘Phantom Power’ is no different: songs of war, loss of life and radiation feature. As Gruff says, “We seem to be living in such a heavy time. We’re just absorbing all the words thrown at us from the TV and regurgitating them back.