The M's: The M's
The M's: The M's
Artist The M's
Album The M's
Label Brilliante Records
Released 4/26/2004
Hairy riffs, heavy breathing, and blasting horns. Welcome to the M's first full-length record, The M's. Originally, The M's had intended to release three separate EPs of their work with Brilliante, but we've compiled them and they're available now. Tracks from the first EP that Brilliante released are included here (without the bonus tracks), along with eight previously unheard songs. The M's have recently garnered quite a bit of praise as a band on the rise in both Chicago and abroad, opening for such acts as Wilco, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Rainer Maria, and The Walkmen. Check 'em out if you feel like basking in the white-hot light of rock gods.