Grand Mal: Cold As The Stars
Grand Mal: Cold As The Stars
Artist Grand Mal
Album Cold As The Stars
Label Unsigned
Released 6/20/2004
And now we find Grand Mal pere Bill Whitten forsaking the glam boogie of Bad TIming and venturing down the path of moody, piano-driven pop that he first explored on Bad Timing's standout, oddball track "Disaster Film" ("Baby run for your life / my friends are gonna eat you alive / they're out of their minds on pills / they're lives are like disaster films"). The result is the new six song EP Cold as the Stars, a stylistic collision of early Bowie, Carole King and Whitten's singular lyrical sensibility.

"These are really solo recordings, I should just change the name to Bill Whitten, but Grand Mal has a nicer ring to it."