Racebannon: Satan's Kickin' Yr Dick in
Racebannon: Satan's Kickin' Yr Dick in
Artist Racebannon
Album Satan's Kickin' Yr Dick in
Label Secretly Canadian
Released 11/5/2002
Here, on their second album for their label, the bandmembers' chance at hardcore history lies in their creativity, their intensity, and most of all their ability to take a concept and capture the listener's attention. Satan's Kickin' Yr Dick In is actually a five-part rock opera (so to speak) about a man, Rodney, who through a deal with the Devil becomes Rhonda Delight, a world-famous singer and actress. The Devil allows Rodney to have great talent and success, but promises him that he (the Devil) will come back for Rhonda later on. And so this classic "selling your soul to the devil in exchange for talent" tale is weaved as only Racebannon could spin it. Full of expletives, noise, multiple vocal takes overlapping one another, and the kitchen sink, Satan's Kickin' Yr Dick In goes well beyond Racebannon's last full-length, In the Grips of the Light. The sound and concept are fuller and more consistent, and the idea of creating a rock opera (and one that actually works, too!) is something that few bands could pull off, especially in such a loud, brash manner. Michael Anderson's schizophrenic Pentecostal preacher delivery seals the deal with a passion that few bands bring to the table. -Kurt Morris,