John Wilkes Booze: Five Pillars Of Soul
John Wilkes Booze: Five Pillars Of Soul
Artist John Wilkes Booze
Album Five Pillars Of Soul
Label Kill Rock Stars
Released 4/6/2004
With the spiritual guidance of producer Mahan Kalpa Singh (Paul Mahern of the Indianapolis' legendary Zero Boys) we researched, wrote, recorded, and released the Five Pillars of Soul, originally a series of five, 300 edition CD EPs (now out of print) during 2002. The EPs brought to light some of the brightest people to walk this planet: filmmaker, writer and Brer Soul #1, Melvin van Peebles; heiress turned gun-totting Symbionese Liberation Army revolutionary, Tania (aka Patty) Hearst; free jazz pioneer Albert Ayler; mystic folk singer and leader of Tyrannosaurus Rex, Marc Bolan; and peace activist, Fluxus member, and savior of rock 'n' roll, Yoko Ono.

Now, Kill Rock Stars brings Five Pillars of Soul to a world-wide audience with a reissue of 14 out of the original 25 songs compiled into a brutal, stream-lined celebration, and often lament, on Soul. Re-mastered from the original tapes, with additional field recordings, audio references from the Pillar Matrix, and annotated by over 8000 words of detailed linear notes explaining each Pillar's importance, Five Pillars of Soul is ready to provide the stimulus and reasoning for making a break and finding a way out.