Camping: Surburban Shore
Camping: Surburban Shore
Artist Camping
Album Surburban Shore
Label Plug Research
Released 4/20/2004
Camping is German Bossa Nova recorded in Washington, DC featuring the indie darlings, Chessie. Is it an oddity? Yes, a delicious mutant engineered to startle ears and electrify curiosities. The shining spirit behind Camping is German musician, Henning Fritzenwalder. His voice flows with the lyrical coo of Bossa Nova father Joao Gilberto. Language barriers crumble as melodies rise. Vocals soar with understated sophistication evoking warm breezes. Henning enlisted friends Stephen Gardner and Ben Bailes to color the sound complete. The American duo, known for making railway inspired sound waves as Chessie, spread the instrumental palette while refining the essence. The cornerstones of Bossa Nova stand tall. Drums, guitar, and voices shine with soul while abstract elements fly into the mix. 1960's Brazil tuned in by a time traveling radio. Short-wave crackles and static frame the shuffling glow. Camping is an excursion into fantasies conjured by sizzling rhythms and sparkling chords. The heat of Brazil is reflected through DC's humidity