S Prcss: Taste Like Daughter
S Prcss: Taste Like Daughter
Artist S Prcss
Album Taste Like Daughter
Label My Pal God Records
Released 5/10/2004
S Prcss' Taste Like Daughter, their first release since 2003's MNML, on French Kiss Records, documents their lives as best/worst friends and band mates. At times it is filled with all of the optimism and love they have for one another and for S Prcss, and at other times, it is filled with utter apathy and disregard.

Songs are stripped bare because lofty production, pounds of guitar tracks and attention to detail just don't make sense when last week Bob and Daneil weren't sure if they were ever going to speak to one another again.

Taste Like Daughter is your chance to eavesdrop on a relationship at its finest, complete with the ups, downs and in-betweens you know too well. When the six tracks are through, you'll realize why it works.