Schneider TM: Reconfigures
Schneider TM: Reconfigures
Artist Schneider TM
Album Reconfigures
Label The Toy Sound of Earsugar
Released 4/26/2004
As part of the driving force behind Transmediale, the Berlin-based duo Rechenzentrum have had a particularly strong influence on Dirk Dresselhaus' immediate musical environment. On Reconfigures, the collaboration with Rechenzentrum saw the addition of vocals from German indie rocker Marc Marcovic "which was a total coincidence," admits Dirk. "We were just having a beer at my place one evening and I was playing the track. Then we decided to record his voice, and I was dubbing it live... we were jamming together, playing guitar and singing strange lyrics in fantasy languages and stuff."

Dirk's approach to Lambchop's "The New Cobweb Summer" is a classic example of his "versioning" technique. "In some tracks the piano or vocal, I cut up and put it in a straight tempo and some other sounds like the saxophone. I sample them and play new things on the MIDI keyboard with the original sounds so there's a lot of original sounds it in but played completely differently. It's about using original tracks and also seeing if it's possible to add new material and what kind of direction you can go in. I try to treat the songs as though they were my own songs and give them a Schneider TM dress." Recorded by Schneider in Lanzarote, this mix of "Cobweb" is definitely a summer dress.

"The way I do music, for example, it's very much a reflection of life. Basically it's folk music I would say. From the main vibe, telling strange fluid stories about whatever and everything you see, or I see, or we see or whatever, somehow affects the music very much. It's difficult to do political music but music is more often alternative to politics connects people so well."