Lupine Howl: The Bar At The End Of The World
Lupine Howl: The Bar At The End Of The World
Artist Lupine Howl
Album The Bar At The End Of The World
Label Beggars Banquet
Released 10/14/2002
The new album was recorded over the last year with fellow Howlers Mike Mooney & Jon Mattock; "The Bar" is a beautiful string layden country tinged psych record. It's with out doubt their finest recordings to date, and shows a band relaxed in their approach to songwriting. Sean Cook on the new album "Virtue and Vice are negated by the grave, but as long as you got a grave you got somewhere to go. After signing off from life it's just possible to see both your impotence and your power. We can be pathetic and beautiful but when we become proud we are often succeeded by the weak and the lean and the low. I'm confused about most things but one thing I do know is that I'm clearly fucked but at least I'm clear about that. I hope there is a bar at the end of world so that at least, when I get there, I can get a drink"
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