!!!: Louden Up Now
!!!: Louden Up Now
Artist !!!
Album Louden Up Now
Label Touch and Go Records
Released 6/8/2004
Over the years, !!! has released a handful of material, from singles to splits to a full length. June 2004 will see the release of Louden Up Now, and with it, !!! exceeds all expectations while simultaneously silencing doubters. Slithering bass lines, driving percussion, echo laden guitar, and call and response vocals come together to create some of the dopest jams you're likely to hear in '04... and beyond.

While guitarist Mario Andreoni and saxophonist Allan Wilson continue to reside in Northern California, the remaining Chks have relocated to Brooklyn, NY. Frequent travel between the coasts keeps !!! productive and lively. Louden Up Now was recorded bi-coastally at studios and practice spaces in the fall of 2003. A portion of the tracks were culled from rehearsal tapes, then fleshed out in a live setting. Others were shaped through a cross country tape/computer trade. Mixing was done by !!!, Justin VanDerVolgen, Chris Coady, Andros Rodriguez, and Maurice Fulton.