Hint Hint: Young Days
Hint Hint: Young Days
Artist Hint Hint
Album Young Days
Label Suicide Squeeze Records
Released 5/11/2004
Hint Hint’s first full-length, “Young Days” (Suicide Squeeze Records), expands upon that mood by combining elements of Lungfish, Wire, My Bloody Valentine, The Fall and Them with strong vocal character sitting atop propulsive rhythm, dark piano and atmospheric texture. The production of Zack Reinig (eng. The Black Heart Procession, eng. Blonde Redhead) and the recent addition of Gabe Carter on bass round things out, allowing “Young Days” to breathe with organic intensity and thick sonic resonance. In it’s span from angsty rock to pop melody to dark landscapes of sound, “Young Days” stand out as a milestone for a band on a continuing path of change.