Caribbean, The: William Of Orange
Caribbean, The: William Of Orange
Artist Caribbean, The
Album William Of Orange
Label Hometapes
Released 4/27/2004
"William of Orange," considered by The Caribbean to be their most "right" work yet, is a batch of five songs that expand far beyond their at-first-glance (and highly satisfying) pop sensibility. Following their 2003 full-length "History's First Know-It-All" (released by Tomlab and Endearing), this "mini-mini-album" takes lovely melodies off the beaten path and back again, visiting electronic experimentation, multi-instrument exaltation, and lyrical conjuration along the way. Produced in partnership with Chad Clark and dressed up with photography and design by Sara Padgett and Adam Heathcott (including enhanced content on the cd!), the "William of Orange" EP is a big record in a little package.